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Bulk Barn Protein

Barn - November 6th, 2018
bulk barn protein photo #1 Bulk Barn Food
A 600 g container of 90% whey protein (chocolate again) for $19.99. Which  math wise is $3.33 per 100 g. ( bulk barn protein #2) bulk barn protein  #3 A 20 g protein bar from Shoppers Drug Mart is $2.99. bulk barn protein design #4 variety of nutty flavours. Whenever they are on sale I buy a bunch of  them. As healthy snacks go after exercising they are my go to snack these  days.Full disclosure: they did send me a few products for free to test out about  a year ago but I have purchased the protein powder over and over again on  my own . (superior bulk barn protein design ideas #5)+7